Mrs Salony Priya Workshop For Teachers

24 July 2019

Mrs. Salony Priya is a counselling psychologist working in the area of Education Management, Human Development & Training, Student Empowerment & Comprehensive Counselings for more than 16 years and her interventions have reached out to several educational institutions, corporate and social organisations.

Saifee Golden Jubilee School was fortunate to have her conduct a workshop recently for the school’s teachers where she guided the teachers in changing their approach so as to stay in sync with changing scenarios. This would equip the teachers for dealing with common behavioural issues seen in children.

The workshop which was attended by over 100 teachers, was very well received and the teachers look forward to many more such workshops and sessions.

Mrs. Salony Priya, who is also a Director at Ummeed Counselings Center, will henceforth be providing counselling services on a permanent basis to the children and parents of the school.